27 December, 2010

What to review today??

Front Cover

Back Cover

Main Mobile Suits in The Movie

Hi fellow friends maybe this review quite boring as everyone that love Gundam 00 already know that the DVD and Blu-ray released date are on 25th December...but i just want to share that the blu-ray cover is really tempting if not everyone at least for me...

More images please visit :

24 December, 2010

Addicted Lately...

Recently i've been addicted in finding and collecting gunpla or modelling books either old or new..i don't know why.maybe just to learn something new by looking at the pics without knowing what is the text saying or instructed...some are in chinese/japanese.
some of my finding that i found in one of the famous online forum :
(astraea kit conversion also got from this forum)

p/s: my true intention is to get the FREE limited items =)

Hobby Japan 00QAN [T] Full Saber

hi there fellow friends,just happened to browse some informations from my favorite gundam news blog :
Gundam Guy

this box art really catch my eyes on it...it's the limited item that comes with Hobby Japan February 2011 but the item can pre-order now(do not who in malaysia can pre-order this item)...hopefully the magazine+limited item will come to malaysia..

p/s: don't want to wait for almost three years to grab this mag+item =)
(astraea conversion kit case)

23 December, 2010

After Long Waiting...

HAHAHA...just an update that not even related with HK comics...just another hobby..at long last after waiting almost three years...already got myself this conversion parts along with it magazine...thank GOD and the seller...

come to think about it better buy the latest model kit from bandai but don't know why so eagerly want that conversion kit...maybe don't want to waste my exia...

14 December, 2010

Chou Den-O Trilogy

Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie:
Chou-Den-O Trilogy

Movie Kamen Rider Terbaru Untuk Dijual
Bahasa Jepun| Subtitle English
Format : *.avi (sesuai untuk komputer)
RM 12

Berminat...sila e-mel:

01 December, 2010

Raja Rimba 262


Credit to MasterNiefeng

Raja Rimba 237 - 241



Credit to MasterNiefeng

Raja Rimba 281 - 285


credit to MasterNiefeng